School Education

Grades & Subjects Offered

Study Buddy believes in developing learners from a young age. Accordingly, for school learners, we offer extra lessons from as young as grade 4 (approximate child age is 9 years) up to grade 12 (approximate child age is 17 years).

Equally, Study Buddy is passionate about coaching, guiding, mentoring and transferring skills to classroom educators. Enquire about our corporate training programmes in this regard.

If you're a university student seeking our help, please use the e-mail link in this website to send us your request. For example, we do university level Statistics courses.

Our range of school learning areas comprises
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Science (Physics & Chemistry)
  • English
  • Accounting
  • The Economic & Management Sciences
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Advanced Programme Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Life Sciences (Biology)
  • Afrikaans

Remember, we coach from grade 4 up to grade 12.

We also coach university students.