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Study Buddy Testimonials

Ashleigh Fitzgerald's testimonial: "I am in grade 11 (year 2015) and I have been struggling with Afrikaans and Physical Science. I started learning with Study Buddy in June 2015 and have seen an immense and satisfying improvement in my marks. I began with a 63% in Afrikaans and obtained a 76% average at the end of last term. I have improved from a 67% Physical Science mark to 75%. I am delighted with my improvement as I continue to see an increase in my marks and understanding of both subjects."

Reshma Adjodia's testimonial: "Firstly, we would like to say thank you for always assisting Nikita (grade 12 in year 2014). Her Maths' results have improved tremendously. Apart from the academic improvement, Nikita’s confidence has really been boosted. She did mention that you give her a prep talk now and then :-) We are very proud of her achievements and it goes without saying that you have contributed a huge part to it. As you may be aware in our Indian tradition, a Guru is someone one looks up to as a mentor, a coach, a guiding light and a fine example. Nikita has raved that you are her Guru. So, once again thank you for a making a difference in our daughter's life. We are grateful."

Hamza Joosub's testimonial: "I have been attending Mr Panday's Maths' extra lessons for a few months now (grade 12 in year 2015) and I can honestly say that I have seen an exceptional increase in my understanding of the subject. This, in turn, helped my marks increase. Mr Panday's willingness to grant us extra time, if needed, and his passion for what he does ... makes all the difference. I would recommend that any person in need of an educator-coach who is patient and willing to go the extra mile should undoubtedly attend extra lessons given by Mr Panday."

Tlhogi Ramaswe's testimonial: "I am currently in grade 11 in year 2013 ... last year in grade 10, prior to lessons, I ended the year on 45% for Physical Science and 49% for Mathematics. Thanks to Study Buddy, I have achieved 60% for Mathematics and a whopping 90% for Physical Science. The tutors are, by far, the best I have ever had the pleasure of learning from."

Gopika Ramkilawon's testimonial: "I have started Mathematics extra lessons with Mr Panday since the National Benchmark Tests' training that we completed with Study Buddy (grade 12 in year 2015). Since then, my understanding of Mathematical concepts has vastly increased and my ability to apply myself has improved. Our extra lessons' sessions, which are usually two hours long, provide students with sufficient time in order to thoroughly revise and learn an entire topic. Mr Panday has a remarkable Mathematical background, which enables him to educate-coach students using numerous methods, with different applications, in order that students feel comfortable with the best techniques possible (to suit individual circumstances). The outcomes of my extra lessons with Mr Panday have, in addition, greatly improved my application skills, test and examination marks and, most importantly, made me grow even fonder of Mathematics as a subject. What I appreciated about Mr Panday's coaching was his understanding nature and patience while educating us. He will always explain thoroughly and ensure all of his students understand the concepts. The small class sizes also provide individual attention for his students, allowing him to pin-point our individual problem areas and work on improving our difficulties. I would definitely recommend Mr Panday as a Mathematics educator-coach, as he has provided me with excellent service."

Lomalanga Matsesula's testimonial: "We thank you for your effort. Nosi's Maths' results are amazing. You have really given this girl motivation."

Emma O' Brien's testimonial: "...enjoyable .... worthwhile ... significant increase in my mark and work ethic .... I go to St Peter's College ... Sudesh is very patient ... he makes you think ... his methods are very good ... helps you spot even the tiniest of mistakes ... Sudesh has taught me to be more logical and present work professionally ... I wasn't doing lessons in year 2012 when my marks were in the 50%'s .... I started in year 2013 and my marks have increased as follows 53%, 60%, 77%, 80% and 95% ... I would recommend Study Buddy to any of my peers."

Fabian Marsden: "The marks for my grade 9 year in 2012, prior to lessons, averaged 35%. Lessons then started. By the second term of that year I scored 83%. I, then, stopped lessons and scored 57% in the third term. Methods that helped me included: being shown worked out examples, thorough marking by Study Buddy of all questions I answered, patient explanations made me feel comfortable, doing lots of past exam papers ... I will recommend Study Buddy to students who struggle in Mathematics, Accounting and Science."

Hawwa Joosub's testimonial: "I had been really suffering with understanding the concepts of many sections in Maths. But, after the extra lessons with Mr Panday my understanding of these concepts have increased tremendously. Mr Panday is always willing to assist us ... even if it means via emails after hours or any means that we can request (social media, etc.) to have him help us through. He is extremely patient and is willing to give us extra time to ensure we understand the work we had done."

Tatum Van Heerden's testimonial: "Grade 7 in year 2013. ... I have a better understanding of the different concepts ... I am enjoying the lessons ... Study Buddy gives me time to practise my work which makes Maths easier, in general. My mark in 2012 (before lessons) was 66%. My mark after starting lessons was 88% after my first test."

Mia Swanepoel's testimonial: "I have enjoyed extra lessons (grade 11 in year 2012). Prior to extra lessons, I averaged in the 50%'s. After extra lessons, my term average (excluding exams) was 87%."

Joyce Kyambadde's testimonial: "My marks before extra lessons averaged 35% in my grade 12 year! I, then, started extra lessons with Study Buddy .... one month before the most important examination in my life! I took a huge risk leaving things so late! I found the lessons helpful and insightful. I enjoyed the individual attention. Emphasis was made on details ... this especially helped me when I was studying alone. Study Buddy also helped me with the correct way of presenting my answers in examinations. In a one month crash course, I scored 45% in my grade 12 finals (an improvement by 10% in just one intensive month)."